Meet Your Partners


John McKenna

John has been an accomplished recruiting leader in the mortgage industry for nearly 20 years, recruiting mortgage professionals at the highest levels. His primary focus with TAP is to advance the growth of its lender partners that are launching joint ventures across the country.

John McKenna



Jamie Bangert

As a dedicated and accomplished professional in the mortgage industry, Jamie Bangert brings over 12 years of expertise to the table, specializing in business analytics, management, and strategic leadership.  She is currently contributing her expertise to multiple areas of business at Talent Advisory Partners where she will play a pivotal part in connecting exceptional individuals with opportunities that align with their skills and aspirations.  Outside the professional realm, she enjoys traveling, hiking alongside her dog, Arlo, and riding her horses.

Jamie Bangert


Our Team Members

Talent Advisor

Chad Ryan

Talent Advisor

In his former life, Chad was an accomplished restaurant professional, renowned for having curated and managed some of the top bar programs in both Chicago and Cleveland. This experience translated into a successful career in recruiting. He now specializes in recruiting mortgage professionals, more specifically focused on partner’s joint venture initiatives to grow market share strategically.


Hiring Professionals

With Years of Experience in Recruiting We’ve Developed a Partnership Approach to Ensure that We Understand Your Specific Needs, Culture and Business Growth Goals.

Areas of Expertise



We work with a number of top lenders in the Mortgage space. Opportunities include

True ownership in Joint Ventures

Self-Sourced Production roles

Hybrid Production roles

Direct to Consumer Production roles

Reverse Mortgage Production roles

Operations roles


We partner with top insurance firms in all facets of the Insurance industry.

Producer Opportunities with 70% new business and 50% renewal commission opportunities

Executive Opportunities

Operations and Back Office roles


We setup Joint Ventures between Mortgage companies and Home Builders across the US.